How to Make Perfect Guacamole

fresh guacamole

fresh guacamole (Photo credit: She Paused 4 Thought)

With National Guacamole Day on Sept. 16 quickly approaching, now is a better time than ever to get your guacamole-making skills in check. Who better to turn to than chef Joe Quintana from New York City’s Rosa Mexicano restaurant, who is widely known and praised for his amazing guacamole? His secret? The molcajete, a mortar-and-pestle-type grinder that helps build the basic flavors of the guacamole. While many other guacamole recipes may not require this step, we found it to be the best way to infuse the dip with flavor, so whether you do it with a molcajete or a robot-coupe like he suggests in his interview with The Daily Meal, we strongly suggest you follow his lead. Here are some basic rules for how to make the perfect guacamole.

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