Asthma in Hispanics: Millions affected, less likely to receive care

More than 3 million Hispanics in the United States live with asthma, according to the Office of Minority Health. Of those, Puerto Ricans have the highest incidence rate of asthma among Hispanics–two times that of any other subgroup.

Similarly, Puerto Rican children have the highest childhood rates of asthma, being 3.2 times more likely than non-Hispanic white children to develop this respiratory condition.

Asthma in Hispanics can be devastating and can severely decrease quality of life, especially among Hispanic children, who are 40 percent more likely to die from asthma compared to their non-Hispanic white counterparts.

Research indicates a number of factors influence the health disparity seen when it comes to asthma in Hispanics, including higher rates of obesity and an increased exposure level to environmental influences.

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