Latinos in science and engineering unite to mentor, steer students into STEM

Maria Pizarro, executive vice president research and development of TriReme Medical — an organization which makes minimally invasive medical devices to treat diseases vascular diseases, says she might have never risen through the ranks in her career if it wasn’t for MAES: Latinos in Science and Engineering – a national non-profit which promotes excellence in education and leadership among Latino engineers and scientists.

The El Paso native says MAES encouraged her to get her first job in engineering when there were very few females in the field.

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Santos pide a los colombianos oídos sordos a las especulaciones sobre el proceso de paz

El presidente de Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos, pidió hoy a sus compatriotas hacer oídos sordos a todo lo que se dice del proceso de paz con la guerrilla FARC por fuera de la mesa de negociación en La Habana.

El mandatario se refirió a las especulaciones en torno a los diálogos de paz en un discurso que dio en la localidad de Soacha, en las afueras de Bogotá, donde recomendó a los colombianos que sigan los consejos del expresidente sudafricano Nelson Mandela quien, según Santos, decía que en una negociación hay que atenerse a lo que se habla en la mesa.

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Cuba athletes ‘to keep foreign cash’

Cuban athletes are going to be allowed to keep most of their overseas prize money and sign contracts with foreign teams for the first time in decades.

Cuban athletes will get up to 80% of their prize money, more than five times the current level, state media reports.

The changes, which also include pay rises, are part of a wider reforms proposed by President Raul Castro.

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more religiously-unaffiliated Latinos, less connection with GOP

The growth in the ranks of Latinos who do not affiliate with any religious ideology rivals the rise in numbers of Latino evangelicals, according to a survey released Friday.

The results also showed that Latinos increasingly view the Republican Party negatively and are more than three times less likely to say the party cares about people like them.

Robert Jones, chief executive officer at Public Religion Research Institute, said the growth of evangelicals among Hispanics has been well documented, but shouldn’t be considered in a vacuum.

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Activists seek to recharge immigration reform legislation, announce October events, rallies

Activists seeking to recharge immigration reform legislation plan to hold dozens of rallies, vigils, protests and marches around the country in early October.

Some 80 different events in 100 cities are planned for Saturday, October 5, the day organizers have dubbed the National Day for Dignity and Respect. Activities include an all-night vigil in Apple Valley, Calif., a “March of the Stars!” in Los Angeles and a march to the state Capitol in Georgia.

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Diego Luna, Gael Garcia Bernal Lead Mexicans Calling for Decriminalization of Marijuana

A group of 67 prominent Mexican artists, politicians, intellectuals and attorneys on Wednesday called for full decriminalization of marijuana consumption.

The petition, published in several dailies, was signed by actors Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna, writers Angeles Mastretta, Juan Villoro and Javier Sicilia, attorneys Fernando Gomez Mont and Agustin Acosta, and former Health Secretary Julio Frenk, among others

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The Effect of Protests on Latino Political Attitudes Towards Government

Academics, media pundits, and activists alike have often pointed to the policy and institutional changes that large-scale collective actions can produce. And collective action seems increasingly prevalent, as evidenced by recent mobilizations around Occupy Wall Street, the Trayvon Martin case, and against military intervention in Syria. Yet despite its role in generating social change we still know relatively little about how collective action shapes the political attitudes not only of those engaged in these mobilizations but of those who may be watching from the sidelines. This blog post summarizes findings on this question based on a study of the 2006 wave of immigrant rights demonstrations and their effect on Latino political attitudes towards government that was recently accepted for publication at the American Journal of Political Science.

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