Opinion: To all you awesome aspiring U.S. Latino authors…

NBC Latino

Memo from The Publishing Industry to all You Awesome Aspiring US Latino Authors Out There:

So, you want to be a best-selling author in the United States – our country – but you have a Spanish surname? No problem!

Well, okay. We lied just now. It’s a little bit of a problem.

But not anything an unusually smart and motivated Latino such as yourself can’t overcome. Hey, you did something amazing just by thinking you could be, you know, a writer! You are a credit to your race – the swarthy majority of whom, as we know, don’t write by nature. Much less read. So, chin up, Latino escritoria! (Did we say that right?)

We bet you are making your people so proud.

What you might not be able to make is a living, at least not as a writer. Not unless you follow our rules. But that’s…

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