Venezuela to use fingerprint gadget against travel scam

Venezuela’s government is planning to use fingerprint checks at its borders to prevent a popular travel scam.

Venezuelans travelling abroad are entitled to a foreign currency allowance at a cheaper rate.

But amidst the economic crisis, some are only buying travel tickets to sell dollars on the black market and making a profit of nearly 700%.

Credit cards will be activated abroad only after checking that the person has left the country, authorities say.

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La I Feria del Ebook de Argentina presume del auge del nuevo soporte

La I Feria del Libro Electrónico de Argentina presume hoy del auge de este nuevo soporte frente al tradicional papel, suficiente como para dedicarse por primera vez exclusivamente a los libros en formato digital.

Celebrado en la Casa Brandonm de la capital argentina, el evento inaugurado hoy anima a los asistentes a acudir con una memoria USB, un móvil o cualquier tipo de ordenador portátil para llevarse los libros, con lo que busca acercar el “ebook” a más lectores y que las pequeñas editoriales se den a conocer.

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Argentinian President Cristina Fernandez to take month off work for brain hematoma

Argentinian President Cristina Fernandez was told to take a month off work after doctors diagnosed her with subdural hematoma.

The diagnosis and the doctor’s recommendation means Fernandez will be out of commission during the critical campaign season for congressional elections on October 27.

Spokesman Alfredo Scoccimarro said Saturday the president will suspend all her activities.

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LAN pilots in Colombia refuse overtime to press labor dispute

Unionized pilots at the Colombian subsidiary of Chilean airline LAN LAN.SN said on Friday they would refuse to work overtime amid a labor dispute, after a similar protest by pilots at Colombian airline Avianca ended this week with a pay increase.

The Colombian Association of Civil Aviators (Acdac) said LAN’s 34 unionized pilots in Colombia would refuse overtime complaining that anti-union policies at the company meant fewer than 20 percent of around 200 pilots were union members

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Venezuela’s Maduro stuck in shadow of ‘El Comandante’ Chavez

Hovering over a sun-baked mountain one day in his presidential helicopter, Hugo Chavez had a dream: to build a utopian city that would showcase socialism in Venezuela.

Slowly and chaotically over the years that followed, the late president’s pet project – conceived a decade into his rule and named “Ciudad Caribia” for the country’s indigenous Carib people – began to take shape on the mountain 10 km (6 miles) northwest of the capital, Caracas.

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Comienza en Río de Janeiro la grabación de la película sobre la vida de Pelé

La productora estadounidense Imagine Entertainment comenzó esta semana en Río de Janeiro la grabación de una película inspirada en la vida de Pelé y que protagonizarán el actor norteamericano Vincent D’ Onofrio y el brasileño Rodrigo Santoro.

La obra cinematográfica narrará la historia de Pelé desde su infancia hasta los 17 años, cuando marcó el gol decisivo en la primera victoria de Brasil en el Mundial de Suecia 1958.

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Peru’s “Lucha Libro” attracts international attention

Lucha Libro is one of those ingenious, unexpected ideas that just can’t help but turn heads. Like its namesake “lucha libre,” the wrestling done by masked combatants in parts of Latin America, Lucha Libro is a battle. However, instead of using their fists, these fighters use the written word.

Basically, Lucha Libro is a literary improvisation contest. Writers appear on stage, using pen names and wearing typically colorful masks like those worn by lucha libre fighters. They’re given three words and five minutes. Their task is simple: write a short story with those three elements in five minutes. Each round pits two bemasked writers against each other. At the end of the round, contest organizers announce a winner who will advance to next week’s competition

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