Festival de la Palabra destaca a Eduardo Lalo en su IV edición

Casi un centenar de escritores de Puerto Rico, América y Europa se darán cita en el Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico del 10 al 13 de octubre de 2013 para celebrar la cuarta edición del Festival de la Palabra, un manjar literario y cultural presentado por el Salón Literario Libroamérica y el Instituto de Cultura Puertorriqueña (ICP).

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Comienza en Río de Janeiro la grabación de la película sobre la vida de Pelé

La productora estadounidense Imagine Entertainment comenzó esta semana en Río de Janeiro la grabación de una película inspirada en la vida de Pelé y que protagonizarán el actor norteamericano Vincent D’ Onofrio y el brasileño Rodrigo Santoro.

La obra cinematográfica narrará la historia de Pelé desde su infancia hasta los 17 años, cuando marcó el gol decisivo en la primera victoria de Brasil en el Mundial de Suecia 1958.

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You say tomato, Rubio says slowdown

Furloughed government workers, delayed clinical trials and closed national parks are not what Sen. Marco Rubio would call the results of a government shutdown. He said Friday they amount to a government slowdown.

Speaking on the Senate floor Friday morning, Rubio referred five times in his 9:35 speech to a government slowdown to describe the furloughs, closed parks, stopped services seen since Tuesday.

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Hispanic TV Market Generates $4 Billion Annually

The rise of the Spanish-language television industry appears to be unstoppable in the United States as media outlets that broadcast in English are looking more and more toward a market of 53 million Latinos with $1.2 trillion in purchasing power.

Big networks such as Univision, Telemundo and CNN en Español and local channels like Miami’s America TeVe and MegaTV are fighting a marketing battle to capture viewership among a complex and diverse Hispanic audience

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Immigrants around the country unite for National Day for Dignity and Respect

It’s been more than a year since Rubi Sanchez, an immigrant from Illinois, last saw her dad. She vividly remembers as armed officials surrounded her home and handcuffed her father, who was undocumented, in less than a minute. After he was detained, the family lost complete communication with him and struggled to make ends meet.

Sanchez is one of thousands of immigrants who are taking part in the October 5 National Day for Dignity and Respect, a day aimed at mobilizing supporters around the country to advocate and ask Congress for an immigration reform with a pathway to citizenship. As of Thursday, events were planned in 163 cities and 41 states.

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Peru’s “Lucha Libro” attracts international attention

Lucha Libro is one of those ingenious, unexpected ideas that just can’t help but turn heads. Like its namesake “lucha libre,” the wrestling done by masked combatants in parts of Latin America, Lucha Libro is a battle. However, instead of using their fists, these fighters use the written word.

Basically, Lucha Libro is a literary improvisation contest. Writers appear on stage, using pen names and wearing typically colorful masks like those worn by lucha libre fighters. They’re given three words and five minutes. Their task is simple: write a short story with those three elements in five minutes. Each round pits two bemasked writers against each other. At the end of the round, contest organizers announce a winner who will advance to next week’s competition

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Guatemala ‘drug lord’ arrested in Mexico

Police in Mexico have arrested one of Guatemala’s most wanted men – a drug lord suspected of masterminding the killing of eight policemen in June.

Eduardo Villatoro Cano – also known as Guayo Cano – was detained in the southern Chiapas state and later handed over to Guatemala.

Mr Cano and another 36 men are blamed for the attack on the police station in north-western Guatemala.

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